Dustless refinishing


Dustless Refinishing

Over time, your hardwood floor is going to show its age. Trust our team of flooring professionals at Express Hardwood & Flooring to help. With more than 15 years of experience refinishing floors in the Denver area, our team is confident in our ability to restore your aging hardwood floors back to their original beauty.

Why Should I Refinish My Wood Floor?

If you’re tired of the current worn appearance of your floors and miss the fresh and clean look, refinishing is the right answer for you. We’ll renovate your floor, removing old finishes and deep scratches, and bring life back into your hardwood.

Standard refinishing can create large amounts of dust; therefore, our expert flooring team uses a special system that captures almost 90% of the dust released from the floors. We’ll also seal doorways and cabinets with plastic and light surface tape to contain most remaining dust. This is an effective process to refinish your hardwood floors while creating as little dust as possible



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How does the refinishing process work?

The refinishing starts by sanding out the hardwood. This first step will get rid of damages and wear such as scratches and dents. We then apply the stain, which is optional, to give your floor the look you desire. After the stain has dried, we finish the floor with three applications of durable topcoats that will protect your hardwood floor from normal wear and tear. Throughout the process our team will consult with you to ensure the finished floor perfectly complementsyour decor and personal style.

Should I stain my floors or keep it natural?

You have the option of staining your floors or keeping them in their natural state with our service providing three clear coats of finishing protection.

We offer a range of stain colors to choose from, available at our showroom or in our website, and our service offers different stain options to complement each wood species. We encourage our clients to be present on the first day of service to give us final approval on their chosen color. We’re happy to consult with you and give advice on what we feel works best according to the type of wood and your personal preferences. We’ll ensure you feel comfortable about this very important decision.

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Dustless refinishing in Lone Tree, CO from Express Hardwood & Flooring

Should I choose oil-based or water-based finish?

We offer both water- and oil-based polyurethane finishes. While there are pros and cons to both, we recommend two-component (commercial grade), water-based polyurethane for the convenience of a quicker drying time, harder finish, fast curing and low to no volatile organic compounds (VOC). In addition, water-based poly does not amber over time like oil-based poly.