Hardwood Floor Patterns

Hardwood Floor Patterns

Hardwood floor patterning is one of the latest trends today. Do you know that several different patterns are offered?? If you are looking for a unique hardwood floor, speak to a?hardwood flooring company in Castle Rock?about your options.


The most common method of?wood floor installation in Castle Rock?consists of installing the boards straight across the floor and parallel to at least one wall. This is generally regarded as the simplest and easiest method of installation.


Diagonal hardwood flooring installation is very similar to straight installation, except that boards are placed at a forty-five-degree angle. This slight difference can add a little more character to your floor design without being too risky. Any?custom hardwood floor company in Castle Rock?should be able to do a diagonal installation without a problem.


In parquet patterned hardwood floors, shorter pieces of wood are laid next to each other in opposing directions to create a geometric checkerboard pattern. Only the most experienced installers who offer?custom hardwood installation in Castle Rock?should be trusted to install hardwood in this pattern.


A herringbone pattern is created by placing hardwood planks at ninety-degree angles. The result is rows of V-shaped patterned hardwood planks.


A chevron design is very similar to a herringbone pattern, except that the ends of the planks in a chevron pattern are sawn at forty-five-degree angles.


On many hardwood floors, all the planks run in the same direction from one wall to another. Another option is to run 2-4 rows of planks around the room parallel to the walls and install straight or diagonal planks in the center.


Another option for?custom hardwood installation in Castle Rock?is the inclusion of wood planks of a different tone than the majority of the floor. For example, a single row of lighter wood can be installed between the darker planks on a dark wood floor. The result is a design that looks like a stripe. Stripes often look best when they form part of the room?s border.

If you are interested in including a unique pattern or design in your hardwood floor, discuss options with your installer. A professional installer should be able to work with you until you get the floor you want.

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