Floor Stains and Discolorations? You Need Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Centennial

Floor Stains and Discolorations? You Need Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Centennial

Staining and discoloration of your hardwood floors can be frustrating. No one wants to discover that their beautiful floors are damaged. However, before you call a?hardwood flooring contractor in Centennial?to fix your floor, see how much you can do on your own.

Clean Your Floor

The first step toward repair is efficiently cleaning the stained or discolored area. Start by sweeping and then use a microfiber mop with an appropriate hardwood floor cleaner. Don?t use any cleaning products that were not explicitly designed for hardwood flooring and approved by the manufacturer. If you aren?t sure what kind of hardwood and finish you have or which cleaner to use, you may want to contact a?custom hardwood floor company in Centennial?for a recommendation.

Identify the Problem

The next step toward repairing a problem is identifying the source of the problem. Now that your floor is clean, carefully inspect the stain or discoloration. Color changes in your floor most often come from UV rays (sunshine), water leaks (including incontinent pets), or household chemical spills (oils, paraffin, or cleaning agents). It isn?t very difficult to differentiate between the three.

Rotate Furniture

If it appears that the problem is fading or discoloration from UV rays, it is best to either rotate your furniture or install window coverings that block sunlight from shining directly on your floor. Rotating furniture around the room every few months works in larger rooms with large windows where the sun can reach most of the room. Furniture rotation will not undo fading, but it will allow your flooring to age more evenly, making faded areas less noticeable.

Call a Professional

If water, oils, or other chemicals have worked their way into your flooring, there is no magic way to remove it easily. Fortunately, hardwood floors can be sanded and refinished if the wood has not deteriorated significantly. Any company that offers?custom hardwood installation in Centennial?should also be able to refinish hardwood floors if they have been stained or damaged by UV rays.

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