Dark vs. Light Hardwood Floors

Dark vs. Light Hardwood Floors

Are you looking to lighten up your space? Or perhaps you want a cleaner and more modern look? It?s all in the flooring. Once you have decided to install hardwood floors in your home, you will need to decide what kind of wood and what kind of finish you want as well. Your choice of dark or light flooring will later be a significant factor in how you decorate. So, before choosing all the options for your?custom hardwood installation in Highlands Ranch, consider the following.

Lighter Floors Show More Dirt

No matter how much you clean, lighter floors (regardless of the material) create a contrasting background for anything dark on their surface. That means that you will have to work a little harder to keep lighter hardwood floors looking clean. You can reduce this effect by choosing a wood with more visible grain.

Darker Floors are More Likely to Fade

Any flooring material left in direct sunlight for several hours a day will eventually fade. Hardwood is more resistant to fading than laminate floors but is still vulnerable to the Sun?s UV rays. Fading on dark wood floors will be more noticeable than fading on lighter floors. If you plan on installing hardwood in a room with multiple windows, avoid the darkest floor stains for your?hardwood floor installation in Highlands Ranch.

Lighter Floors Contribute to a Brighter Feel

Light versus dark floors is, more than anything, a matter of personal style. If you have a smaller room, lighter floors can make the room feel larger and brighter. If you plan on decorating with brighter colors and light or white furniture, you may prefer lighter floors as well.

Darker Floors Give the Room a Warmer Feel

Larger rooms can feel cold and impersonal when decorated in light tones from floor to ceiling. A dark floor can make large rooms feel warmer and more inviting. Dark floors are often an excellent choice for family rooms and office spaces.

Choose What You Like Best

A professional?hardwood flooring company in Highlands Ranch?can help you build the perfect room. However, don?t forget that it will be?your?room after the installation is done. Choose the style you like best, and don?t worry too much about outside opinions. The best?custom hardwood floor company in Highlands Ranch?will listen to you and work with you to build the room?you?want.

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