Common Questions About Hardwood Floor Installation

Common Questions About Hardwood Floor Installation

Unless you have previously lived in a home with hardwood flooring, you may not know much about it. If you are interested in?custom hardwood installation in Highlands Ranch, you probably already know that it is a highly durable, attractive, and low-maintenance flooring option. However, if you still have questions, you can call us at?Express Hardwood & Flooring?or read through some of the most common questions and answers our customers ask below.?

What is the Difference Between Site-Finished and Pre-Finished Hardwood??
Site-finished hardwood is installed in your home or business without any finish and is then sanded and finished after installation. Site-finished hardwood offers the most uniform surface available and is the best choice if you want to extend the pre-existing hardwood in your home into a new or larger area.?

Pre-finished hardwood is coated with multiple coats of finish at the manufacturer before arriving at your home or business for?custom hardwood installation in Highlands Ranch. Factory finishes are typically more durable, water-resistant, and scratch-resistant than site-finished hardwood.?

A professional?hardwood flooring contractor in Highlands Ranch?can ensure that both site-finished and pre-finished hardwood floors look and perform great in your home.?

How Long Do Hardwood Floors Last Before Needing to Be Refinished??
Durability is highly dependent on use, proper installation, and materials, so there is no definitive answer to this question. Most manufacturers and installers agree that floors need to be refinished every ten years on average. Nonetheless, your floor may need to be refinished sooner if it has more foot traffic than average.??

What is the Difference Between Traditional Hardwood and Engineered Hardwood??
Traditional hardwood planks are a single solid piece of hardwood. Engineered hardwood planks are made up of a thin hardwood top layer and backed by a plywood substrate. Engineered hardwood comes pre-finished and is typically more resistant to changes in humidity than traditional hardwood.??

How Can I Best Protect My Floors from Damage??
The best way to protect your hardwood floor is to keep it clean and dry. Entry mats by your front and back doors will help keep your floor dry. You can also install felt pads under your furniture to prevent scratches.??

Is it Recommended to Install Hardwood Floors in My Kitchen?
Hardwood floors are a great addition to your kitchen, but they are less resistant to water spills than tile or vinyl. To protect your floor, make sure you clean up spills quickly. Many customers choose engineered hardwood for their kitchen because it resists moisture better.??

Can I Have Pets on My Hardwood Floor??
Yes!?Hardwood floor installation in Highlands Ranch?is for everyone! However, it would be best to keep your dog?s or cat?s nails trimmed to prevent them from scratching the floor and consider house training your puppy in an area of the house that doesn?t have hardwood.??

Express Hardwood & Flooring ??Hardwood Flooring Contractor?in Highlands Ranch?
Express Hardwood & Flooring?offers residential and commercial hardwood floor installation, hardwood restoration, and?hardwood floor refinishing in Highlands Ranch. With our in-depth knowledge, significant resources, and talented team of installers and finishers, we are ready to take on any residential or commercial flooring project.?

Our unrivaled service, exceptional quality, and competitive pricing are why?Express Hardwood & Flooring?is the clear choice for?wood floor installation in Highlands Ranch?and?hardwood floor restoration in Highlands Ranch.?

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