Choosing the Right Area Rugs

Choosing the Right Area Rugs

Finding someone who?doesn?t?love the look of fine hardwood flooring would be difficult.?Wood floor installation in Castle Rock?is an excellent investment in your home. However, if you want to protect your floors from unnecessary wear in high-traffic areas near tables and living room furniture, you may decide to buy an area rug. Area rugs are a great way to protect your floors while adding a little color and style to a room.

Here are a few ideas to consider when adding a rug after a custom hardwood installation in Castle Rock.


Because you already have a nice hardwood floor, you don?t want the rug to be too big. It should add dimension and style to the room but not cover most (or all) of the hardwood. The best use of an area rug usually is to cover the area of a room where people sit. Area rugs can make living rooms and dining areas feel warm and well-tied together. If the rug is much bigger than the sitting area, it can make your furniture look small or the area poorly planned.


An area rug should coordinate with the flooring, wall color, and furniture, but it shouldn?t match any of these exactly. Sometimes finding a rug that combines well with everything in the room without getting lost is a challenge. If you don?t have a good eye for color, use a color wheel to identify colors that coordinate. Another technique for finding a rug that matches a room well is to look for a multicolored rug with colors that match different pieces in the room.


If your furniture, window coverings, and wallpaper have patterned designs, it may be best to purchase a solid color (non-patterned) area rug. However, if that isn?t the case, a patterned rug is probably the way to go. Multicolored patterned rugs hide dirt and stains better than solid rugs, plus they can add a nice texture to an otherwise plain room.


As already mentioned, it usually is best to place area rugs in sitting areas. The best?hardwood flooring company in Castle Rock?recommends placing a carpet pad or non-slip mat underneath the rug. This will make your rug safer and protect your hardwood floors.?Custom hardwood installation in Castle Rock?is a significant investment, so protect it as best you can.

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