A Custom Hardwood Floor Company in Centennial Weighs in on Cleaning with Vinegar

A Custom Hardwood Floor Company in Centennial Weighs in on Cleaning with Vinegar

If you have hardwood floors, you probably already know you shouldn?t clean them with a wet mop. Wet mopping has the potential to introduce an excessive amount of moisture into the wood and cause warping and buckling. Did you also know that vinegar isn?t suitable for your hardwood? Despite the often-repeated claims that vinegar is good for your floor??it isn?t. If you want to know the best product to use on your hardwood, we suggest that you contact a?custom hardwood floor company in Centennial. If you want to know why vinegar isn?t good for your floors, read below.

What is Vinegar?

In short, vinegar is an acetic acid dissolved in water. Distilled white vinegar is produced from grain. Most vinegar available in stores contains 5-10% acetic acid and various other ingredients for flavor. The biggest exception to this is basic white vinegar which may have as much as 25% acetic acid.

In other words, vinegar is acetic acid and water.

What Happens if I Clean My Hardwood with Vinegar?

Vinegar is made primarily of acid and water; neither is good for your hardwood floor. Excessive water can soak into the hardwood planks, then cause swelling, cupping, and buckling. Acids will break down the protective finish on your hardwood, leaving it dull and less resistant to normal wear and tear. Vinegar won?t make a noticeable difference after using it only a few times, and it does help clean dirt. Nonetheless, the adverse effects of vinegar will eventually show, and there is nothing you can do to reverse the effects, short of sanding and refinishing.

The best floor cleaners should not only clean dirt but also help protect your hardwood.? Make sure you speak to your contractor about cleaning products after the new?hardwood floor installation in Centennial.

What is the Best Cleaner for Hardwood Flooring?

The best cleaner for your hardwood varies, depending on the wood and finish. Polyurethane finishes require one type of cleaner, and oiled finishes require another. Some flooring manufacturers require specific cleaners for their flooring to maintain warranty coverage. Bona Hardwood Cleaner is PH neutral, widely available, and approved by most manufacturers (but not all). At?Express Hardwood and Flooring, we most often recommend Shaw Floors Hard Surface Cleaner.

If you aren?t sure which cleaner to use, ask a?hardwood flooring contractor in Centennial?for help.

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