4 Myths About Hardwood Flooring

4 Myths About Hardwood Flooring

There is little disagreement that hardwood floors??solid wood or engineered hardwood??are a beautiful and stylish addition to any home. However, many homeowners shy away from hardwood floors despite their aesthetic appeal. At?Express Hardwood & Flooring, we specialize in?custom hardwood installation in Centennial, so we think it is important to dispel a few myths about hardwood flooring.?

Myth #1 ??Wood Floor Installation in Centennial?is Too Expensive?

Although it is true that the initial cost of wood flooring is, on average, higher than carpet or tile, wood floors last much longer. Carpet often lasts only 5-10 years, with a maximum expected lifetime of 20 years. Ceramic tile will last an average of 20-30 years.??

When installed and maintained correctly by a?hardwood flooring contractor in Centennial, hardwood flooring can easily last over 50 years. When considering the cost of flooring, it should be calculated over the product?s lifetime.???

Myth #2 ? Pets and Kids Will Ruin Hardwood Floors?

Kids, and especially pets, can be hard on any floor, but that doesn?t mean you should opt-out of hardwood flooring. Not all hardwood is the same. If you are concerned about pets or children wearing down the finish on your hardwood floor, choose a hardwood floor with a high Janka rating. You may also consider pre-finished hardwood or engineered hardwood. Consult a?custom hardwood flooring company in Centennial?for additional help selecting the best materials.?

Myth #3 ? Hardwood Floors Scratch Easily?

A properly finished hardwood floor does not scratch easily. Some DIY floor refinishes can be problematic, especially if not properly applied. However, this is almost always the result of using inferior materials and an inexperienced contractor. It is important to hire a professional?hardwood flooring contractor in Centennial?if your hardwood floor needs to be refinished.?

Myth #4 ? Hardwood Floors Are Difficult to Maintain?

Hardwood floor maintenance consists primarily of regular sweeping and occasional damp mopping with a microfiber mop. We do not recommend using oil-based, wax, polish, or strong ammoniated products. Neither do we recommend any type of buffing machine.?

Solid hardwood and engineered hardwood floors are excellent choices for attractive, durable, and long-lasting floors. If you still have questions about these hardwood floor myths,?call us, and we can set your mind at ease.?

Express Hardwood & Flooring ??Hardwood Floor Installation in Centennial?

At?Express Hardwood & Flooring, we offer residential and commercial hardwood floor installation, hardwood refinishing, and?hardwood floor restoration in Centennial. With our in-depth knowledge, significant resources, and talented team of installers and finishers, we are ready to take on any residential or commercial flooring project.?

Our unrivaled service, exceptional quality, and competitive pricing are why?Express Hardwood & Flooring?is the clear choice for?custom hardwood installation in Centennial.?

If you are ready to get started or want more information,?contact us online?today or give us a call at?(720) 390-0255. You can also email us at?estimates@express-refinishing.com. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you meet your home remodeling needs!?